New Britain Youth Museum - Sisters in Science Program

An after school program that encourages middle-school girls who love science to explore STEM careers.

Sisters in Science encourages middle-school age girls to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers and helps them discover their own potential to participate in fields such as biology, engineering or computer science. The program also teaches girls about contributions female scientists have made throughout history. Thirty girls in grades 5-7 participate in hands-on projects three days a week after school at DiLoretto Magnet School. The Hungerford Park mobile unit brings live animals into the classroom, and students also visit the Hungerford Park Nature Center to learn more about animals at the rescue center.

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New Britain

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Meet Crystal Millien

7th grader Crystal Millien has participated in Sisters in Science for two years. The program, run by New Britain Youth Museums, has broadened her interests well beyond those of a typical 12-year-old. “I’ve really enjoyed learning about the human brain,” she said. “I’ve also enjoyed studying polymers and their expansion. We did a project where we used Oreos to talk about the phases of the moon.”

Beyond learning about science, the program’s team environment helps students learn to work with others. “Being in Sisters in Science teaches you how to get along with people who are different from you,” said Crystal. “Working on these projects together makes you accept how other people think and solve problems.”

New Britain Youth Museum’s Sisters in Science program combines a lab environment with hands-on activities, team projects, and field trips to celebrate this group of girls' love of science!


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