Meet Our Team

The team at American Savings Foundation strives to be accessible to anyone seeking information about grants, scholarships, or with general questions about the Foundation.

Meet the Team

Foundation Staff

The American Savings Foundation staff members are on-hand to answer your questions about grants and scholarships serving 64 towns across the state of Connecticut.

Maria A Falvo

Maria A Falvo
President & CEO

Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez
Director of Grantmaking & Community Investment

Heather Hokunson

Heather Hokunson
Program Officer - Scholarships

Noreen Headshot - for website.jpg

Noreen Cannamela
Operations Manager


Jenna Cowan
Associate Program Officer - Grants

2018 Board Members

American Savings Foundation Board of Directors 2018
Seated (L-R) Carrier, Prescott, Gustin, Falvo, Boulier, Pasqualoni
Standing (L-R) McNair, O'Rourke, Cicchetti, Mazadoorian, Jones, Little, Davison, Tanner

Meet the Board


Board of Directors

Charles J. Boulier III

Laurence A. Tanner
Vice Chair

Sheri C. Pasqualoni

David Davison

Caitlyn Bee
Michael Carrier
Carl R. Cicchetti
David Davison
Paula S. Gilberto
James Jones
James W. Little
Artila Lubonja
John Miller
Loan Nguyen
Bruce Noe
Maria A. Falvo - Ex-Officio
President & CEO

Emeritus Directors

Donald Davidson

Marie S. Gustin
Immedite Past Vice Chairman

Harry N. Mazadoorian
Immediate Past Chair

In Memoriam

Robert T. Kenney
Founding Chairman

Gregory B. Howey
Charles S. Beach
Norman E.W. Erickson
Joseph T. Hughes
Fred M. Hollfelder
Mark E. Karp
Stanley W. Shepard
Geddes Parsons

Board Profiles


Volunteer Comittees

Scholarship Committee

Loan Nguyen*, Chair
Artila Lubjona*, Vice-Chair
Paula R. Archacki
Lynette Badu*
Caitlyn Bee*                                                   Albana Beka*
Karen R. Bixby
Gladys Colon
Cassandra Darden
Paul D'Addabbo
David Davison
Diane Dunn
Joseph R. Giangreco
Paula S. Gilberto
Helen E. Kenney
Melvin Kelley, IV*
Beth Mazadoorian
James McNair
Demesis Negorn-Figuroa*
James O'Rourke
Daniel Riccio*
Pat Rutkowski
Mary A. Schmelcke
Kathy Taylor
James Wardwell
Abigail Woodhouse* 

Grants Committee

Charles J. Boulier, Chair
Charles P. Ahern
Michael Carrier
Carl R. Cicchetti
Christopher Godfrey
James Jones 
Wilson Keithline
Rebecca Karabin Ahern
Peter N. Perugini
Susan Rathgeber
Donna Rutola
Violet Jiménez Sims
Earl T. Young


* Past Robert T. Kenney Scholar

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