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Scholarships are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to post-secondary education. Below is more information about financial aid and other resources.

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Financial Aid

The first step in applying for financial aid is to fill out the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Even if you are just starting to think about attending college or career training next year, you should fill out the FAFSA to find out what funding may be available to you.  The FAFSA opens each year on October 1.


  • FSA ID You need a FSA ID to complete the FAFSA.  Your parent will also need their own FSA ID to sign your FAFSA.  Be sure to save your FSA ID and password in a safe place - you will use it every year.
  • Federal Student Aid Federal Student Aid is the US Department of Education's official website for financial aid.  You can find information about preparing for college, the types of financial aid available, and other useful information about the financial aid process. This website also has answers to questions you may have about the FAFSA.

When you receive financial aid award letters from the colleges you are interested in, it’s important to understand them.  Is the school offering you grants (which you do not have to repay), loans, and what will be your out of pocket cost?  Below are a few resources to help compare financial aid awards.

RTK Scholar Sierra Pettway

Scholarship Application Tips

There are a number of great resources available to help guide you through the scholarship application process. Below are our top 5 tips for students, as well as links to other helpful guides.

  1. Make a calendar of important application deadlines.
  2. Make extra copies of documents, such as your transcript, so you have them ready.
  3. Check with your school’s guidance office or career center for other local resources.
  4. Beware of scams! No one can guarantee that you will get an award and you should never have to pay money to apply for a scholarship.
  5. Protect your personal information. Most scholarship applications will not ask for your social security number or bank information.  If in doubt - do more research before you apply.

Other Resources

Federal Student Aid
Federal Student Aid is the federal government’s official website that offers a guide for finding and applying for scholarships. It covers everything from what kinds of scholarships are available to how scholarships can affect your financial aid. 

See Federal Student Aid

Video Tips
Authors Katy Craig and Katie Kramer from the Boettcher Foundation provided five short videos with their top tips from their book All the Wisdom and None of the Junk: Secrets of Applying for College Admission and Scholarships. 

Watch Video Series

American Savings Foundation Tips
American Savings Foundation president & CEO Maria Falvo was interviewed by Fox61 and gave some more helpful tips for students. 

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