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January 03, 2019

Maria A Falvo speaking from a podium

Letter from the Chairman and the President & CEO

As we welcome 2019, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We hope that the many enhancements to the site will make it even easier for grantseekers and scholarship applicants to learn about and apply to the American SavingsFoundation.

Responding to feedback from grantseekers, the site includes a new online application for our Community Grants program. These grants are designed to help us better respond to the wide range of local needs throughout the 64 towns we serve. The online application will make it easier for nonprofit agencies to apply for grants of up to $5,000.

The website also includes Grantee Stories and Meet Past Scholars sections, designed to share some of the remarkable achievements of our grantee partners and past Robert T. Kenney Scholars. Our grant history from the past five years is also available on the site. The Foundation's most recent Environmental Scans of New Britain and Waterbury, commissioned as part of our strategic planning process last year, are posted for download. As always, we appreciate your feedback - let us know if you have trouble finding the information you need, or if there is anything else that we can do to improve.

A lasting commitment

The American Savings Foundation grew from the legacy of a local bank that served the community for over 140 years. Over the past 23 years, the Foundation has contributed more than $57 million in grants and scholarships in the towns we serve.

Our goal is to remain a steady, reliable partner, now and into the future. Based on the average value of our endowment over the past five years, we project that our total giving will decrease slightly from $3.3 million in 2018 to $3.2 million in 2019. We plan to maintain our current level of giving in both program grants and scholarships, while reducing contributions to future capital projects.  

As always, we will work closely with the community to evaluate and respond to emerging needs, fund creative new ideas as opportunities arise, and continue to be attentive to areas of greatest need. For many generations to come, the American Savings Foundation will continue to be a steady, broad-based funder investing in the people and organizations that make our community stronger.

That is our lasting commitment.

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