Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Opportunities Industrialization Center

Title: Assistant Summer Youth Coordinator
Location: New Britain
Dates: June 10 to August 9
Hours: OICNB is flexible and will work with a student's schedule around the time and start date

Job Description:

The Assistant Summer Youth Coordinator (ASYC) will work with and be supervised by the Summer Youth Coordinator (SYC) and/or Executive Director for the Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program for youth ages 14 to 22 years old. The ASYC will assist with recruitment, screening and doing intakes on the youth in conjunction with the SYC. The Executive Director and SYC will provide the ASYC with the information and skill sets that are needed to be successful in implementing the program. The ASYC will attend meetings and learn to input data into the ETO data system. The ASYC will work with the SYC to develop activities and projects for the summer youth employment and learning program. They will have an opportunity to actually develop and teach an activity. The ASYC will assist with the orientation of the summer youth and their parents once they have been selected for the program.  The ASYC will visit and check worksites, assist with bring in guest speakers for the three Tiers. The ASYC will spend time with the Executive Director to understand the operations of a non-profit and attend meetings with them. The ASYC will also be exposed to youth development and the impact it has on youth ages 14 to 22.


  • To develop a working relationship with urban youth ages 14 to 21 years old.
  • To develop a working relationship with summer staff, parents, employers, and funding sources.
  • To utilize creativity to develop an activity for youth orientation and four Fridays while youth are attending OICNB for career competency training and updates on employment issues.
  • To learn how to input attendance and activities into the data system.
  • To be able to work independently.
  • To assist the Summer Youth Coordinator with the everyday operations of the program.
  • To learn about OICNB and how a non-profit operates.
  • To learn and practice youth development techniques and what works effectively with urban youth.

Career Experience:

This internship will expose an individual to effective ways in implementing a summer youth employment and learning program for high school youth.  It is great exposure for skills needed in counseling, teaching, administration, human services and social work.  This opportunity will enhance leadership and instructional skills needed to work with youth in an urban setting. The individual will have an opportunity to develop and depend on their own creativity, ideas and suggestions. The individual will also learn the data-based ETO and meet other agencies that operate the summer work experience program.

Suggested College Major: 

An individual interested in education, human and social services, social work, counseling, and administration and likes inputting data and analyzing the results at the end of their nine weeks with OIC. An individual who likes high school youth and possesses great empathy and compassion for today's youth.

Applicant Requirements: 

Car or being able to get to the facility, clean driving record, must like youth ages 14-18 years old. However, we might have some youth who are 19-22 years old because of the special education laws for youth still enrolled in high school.