Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury

Title: Copywriting Intern
Location: Waterbury
Dates: 5/17/21 - 7/30/21
Hours: Monday - Thursday; 9 am - 5 pm

Job Description: 

We’re looking for a highly motivated intern to work on the Communications Team at NHSW as a Copywriting Intern. The Communications team is responsible for bringing more awareness to NHSW and our free services by creating compelling content. Do you have a way with words? Do you love to write? Do you want to learn about content and marketing? As a copywriting intern, you will be trained in researching, drafting and editing copy for all types of content including blog posts, news articles and email campaigns. You’ll also learn how to match your writing style to a specific brand and fine-tune your copywriting skills. This internship is a great opportunity to get a feel for what’s required to thrive as a full-time copywriter.

 Responsibilities include: 

  • Play a key role in the research and content development of the NHSW testimonial page
  • Support the team on marketing copy from emails, newsletter, press releases and social media
  • Think creatively about new ways to engage the community through our content channels
  • Help coordinate content and editorial initiatives
  • Be a creative leader

COVID Accommodations: 

Our office is currently following all state guided/mandated Covid-19 protocols. All staff and visitors are required to have their temperatures taken upon entry. The office is thoroughly cleaned 1x/week and spot cleaned/disinfected daily. We require all staff/visitors to wear a mask. Masks, and gloves, are provided upon request. We limit the amount of people inside the office. 

Career Experience: 

Communications: content creation, writing experience, user research, branding and marketing. These skills will help our intern develop their communication and storytelling abilities. A big part of creating a remarkable constituent experience is telling a good story. It’s harder than ever to get someone's attention. Marketers must be good storytellers for the simple reason that our constituents identify with compelling stories more than anything else. 

Office Administration: photo copying, scanning, faxing, filing, answering phones, data entry, delegation & management skills. These skills, although very entry-level in nature, are needed at any level of professional status. Administration responsibilities are often taken for granted, however, without these skills you cannot manage and run an office successfully. Successful businesses rely heavily on top-notch administrative professionals. A shrewd administrative assistant is the wizard behind the company curtain, the one who keeps the office running efficiently. 

Suggested College Major: 

We believe college students with majors in the following area would benefit most from this internship: Communications, English, Graphic Arts, or Education.

Applicant Requirements: 

While we do not have any specific requirements to apply, we do seek individuals who:

  • Enjoy writing and can create concise, professional content quickly.
  • Have the ability to work autonomously and use critical thinking.
  • Are creative, resourceful, detail-oriented, organized.
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Have experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Adobe, Canva and/or other creative platforms.