Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Literacy Volunteers of Central CT

Title: ESOL Student & Volunteer Assistant
Location: New Britain
Dates: 6/12 - 8/7
Hours: The office is open from 9am until 8pm and 9am-5pm on Friday. Interns will be asked to work 40 hours a week and should expect a mix 9-5 and 12-8pm shifts.

Job Description: 

Literacy Volunteers of Central Connecticut (LVCC)  is seeking an open minded and creative intern who can support an adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) tutoring program. LVCC intern may be asked to participate in any of the following tasks.

The intern will assist with program growth by developing handouts, flyers, and brochures, visiting local libraries and organizations and/or attending events including presentations and tabling with the goal of recruiting volunteers.

They will also contribute to curriculum development by modifying pre-existing activities to make them more accessible for students with different levels of English language abilities by researching teaching tips and successful strategies. This may include creating flash card sets or compiling resources into a comprehensive guide that tutors can use for student instruction.

With the assistance of LVCC's program manager, the intern will provide support in the day to day program management by calling students to confirm availability and needs, organizing books in our learner library and performing administrative tasks.

Career Experience: 

Students will gain the experience of working in a professional environment and interacting with students and tutors with diverse ages, backgrounds, languages, and communication styles. They will learn several soft skills such as adaptability, communication, team work, and problem solving. They will have the opportunity to gain experience teaching, developing curriculum, and volunteer recruitment. The candidate will get a first hand look at volunteer and nonprofit management.

After completing LVCC internship students will have gained skills and experience in nonprofit management, communications, volunteer recruitment, human services, and language instruction. The interns time and dedication will leave a lasting impact on LVCC by expanding the volunteer network and improving the quality and availability, and accessibility of resources for adult learners.

Suggested College Majors: 

Students with backgrounds in social work, communications, education, international studies, English, and foreign languages will be especially well suited for this position.

Applicant Requirements: 

Interns should demonstrate a passion for social justice, educational equity, and understanding of cultural differences. Candidates with fluency in Arabic, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish or other foreign languages are especially encouraged to apply.