Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Klingberg Family Centers

Title: Staff Development Assistant
Location: New Britain
Dates: May 21, 2019- August 17, 2019
Hours: TBD

Job Description: 

Under the direction of the Staff Development Coordinator recommends, develops, implements, coordinates the employee orientation and staff development program.

Duties include:
-     Assists the Staff Development Coordinator in all their functions.
-     Gain an understanding of the broad functions of a non-profit organization.
-     Gain an understanding of other programs within the agency (and possible positions.)
-     Gain knowledge of specific trainings: NEO (New Employee Orientation), CPR/FA/AED Trainings American Red Cross, TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) ~ Verbal De-escalation model by Cornell University. 
-     Assures provision of training in physical management (TCI), CPR/FA/AED, and NEO.
-     Assists with administrative responsibilities.
-     Participates in regular supervision.

Career Experience:

The student intern will gain valuable experience in the field of staff development. The incumbent will gain an understanding of how a private non-profit agency working with children and families functions and the process of the initial trainings required of positions within a human services agency. The intern will learn from the content of the trainings information about de-escalation of crisis, suicide prevention, child development, the effects of trauma, self-awareness, active listening and basics of CPR/FA/AED through American Red Cross.

Suggested College Majors: 

The student must be in the psychology/human services, or related field.

Applicant Requirements: 

The student must possess an understanding of normal and disrupted child development, family functioning, social services; skills in human relations; facility in both verbal and written communication; the ability to work constructively with agency staff; and the ability to affirm the philosophies, policies, goals and heritage of the agency, together with the ability to apply these philosophies and goals constructively in the performance of duties.