Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Klingberg Family Centers

Title: Staff Development Assistant
Location: New Britain
Dates: TBD - 315 hours total
Hours: TBD - We have been very flexible in helping the intern complete hours toward this internship. Currently, we have extended the time frame due to the pandemic. We want to ensure the safety of everyone and were relieved to able to offer flexibility to complete the hours.

Job Description: 

Under the direction of the Staff Development Coordinator recommends, develops, implements, coordinates the employee orientation and staff development program.

Functions of Internship:
1.    Assists the Staff Development Coordinator in all their functions.
2.    Gain an understanding of the broad functions of a non-profit organization.
3.    Gain an understanding of other programs within the agency (and possible positions.)
4.    Gain knowledge of specific trainings: NEO (New Employee Orientation), CPR/FA/AED Trainings American Red Cross, TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) ~ Verbal De-escalation model by Cornell University. 
5.    Assures provision of training in physical management (TCI), CPR/FA/AED, and NEO.
6.    Assists with administrative responsibilities.
7.    Participates in regular supervision.

COVID Accommodations: 

We currently follow all guidelines of the CDC. Masks and social distancing is required within the agency. Additionally, where available, we are working remotely. 

Career Experience:

The student intern will gain valuable experience in the field of staff development. The incumbent will gain an understanding of how a private non-profit agency working with children and families functions and the process of the initial trainings required of positions within a human services agency. The intern will learn from the content of the trainings information about de-escalation of crisis, suicide prevention, child development, the effects of trauma, self-awareness, active listening and basics of CPR/FA/AED through American Red Cross. We hope that the student will gain an understanding of the functions of a non profit agency working within its community to help children and families.

Suggested College Majors: 

The student must be in the psychology/human services, or related field.  

Applicant Requirements: 

The student must possess an understanding of normal and disrupted child development, family functioning, social services; skills in human relations; facility in both verbal and written communication; the ability to work constructively with agency staff; and the ability to affirm the philosophies, policies, goals and heritage of the agency, together with the ability to apply these philosophies and goals constructively in the performance of duties.