Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Hungerford Nature Center

Title: Environmental Educator
Location: Berlin
Dates: Interns can start as early as May and/or go to end of August, or longer.
Hours: 35 week - 8:30 am -3:30 pm flexible.

Job Description: 

The Environmental Education (EE) Intern will be responsible for assisting in teaching on-site summer camp for ages 3-10; Environmental Education programs for grades 1st-5th grade.  The EE intern will assist, develop and lead program activities, supervise students, go on nature discovery walks, play games and other activities.  The intern will also participate in the day-to-day operational activities of the Nature Center, which includes assisting in visitor orientations, animal caretaking, gardening, trail work, exhibit making and special events.  

The Environmental Education Intern will:

  • Learn the basic concepts of “child centered” hands-on teaching techniques.
  • Learn how to research and develop lesson plans for children ages 3-15.
  • Develop sound job skills, such as timeliness, reliability, teamwork, accountability, and courtesy.
  • Gain experience in public speaking.
  • Learn natural and cultural history concepts and education.
  • Develop skills important to establishing a successful career path, interact with clients and colleagues from various socio-economic backgrounds, and learn from staff with diverse backgrounds and career experiences.
  • Learn principles in animal caretaking and gardening skills.
  • Learn public relation skills and techniques.
  • Develop leadership skills and confidence.

COVID Accomondations:

The museum has been renovated to meet the safety protocols of the State of Connecticut. Plexi-glass barriers and sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the building. Employees are required to wear masks, social distance and wash hands frequently. Visitors are also required to wear masks and to social distance. The museum is cleaned daily. Meetings are held outdoors when possible. The intern will have the opportunity to spend the majority of their time outdoors

Career Experience:

  • The ability to analyze new information, improve communication skills, organize and lead groups. 
  • The development of teaching style, classroom management and curriculum implementation.
  • Opportunities to work with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  
  • Learn proper techniques of working with the public, in a variety of ways and platforms.  
  • Develop cooperative learning skills and the principles of time management and organizational skills.
  • Develop and implement environmental education intern skills applicable in the private sector as well as in nonprofit organizations.

Suggested College Majors:

This internship will develop skills appropriate for a wide variety of college majors.  This is a great opportunity for students majoring in: education, science, social work, public relations, community engagement, parks and recreation, business and marketing. Interns will develop skills for careers in teaching, animal science, tourism, business, marketing, and writing.

Applicant Requirements:

Intern should be comfortable or willing to work with a variety of animals, working and being playful with children, in an outdoor setting, and being an independent worker.