Summer Internships for Current Scholars

New Britain Youth Museums / Hungerford Nature Center

Title: Summer Program Associate
Location: Berlin (Kensington)
Dates: Interns can start as early as May and/or go to end of August.
Hours: Sunday - Saturday, 8-5 pm, hours are flexible. Most of the youth programming is conducted between M-F 8am-12 pm so it is important for the intern to be available during most of those hours. We can accommodate a summer vacation, occasional time off/schedule adjustments. We will also have occasional special events on the weekends or during the evening that the intern would be welcome to join.

Job Description: 

The New Britain Youth Museum and Hungerford Nature Center Summer Program Associate will be active in the planning, execution, and evaluation of summer youth programs. Programming is focused on the natural world and how humans interact with it. Topics may include exploring native forest and pond environments, caring for the natural environment, animal care, and food systems. Youth explore these topics through hands-on STEAM projects, spending time in our 22 areas of woods, gardens, and pond and, working with over 50 live animal ambassadors. The intern in this role will be supervised by the Executive Director and will receive daily support from a lead educator. This is both a hands on and administrative role.

Administratively, the intern will be involved in learning how to plan supply lists within a budget, manage program materials, create program schedules and evaluate program outcomes. Hands-on responsibilities include working daily with children ages 5-12, interacting with caregivers in a professional manner, and preparing/cleaning the program areas, and supporting the care and handling of our animals. There may be research opportunities for the intern to expand on their knowledge of program topics and enhance program materials.

This role will occur both indoors and outdoors. The primary location of this internship is in Kensington at the Hungerford Nature Center. Some programming may be conducted in New Britain at our Youth Museum.

Career Experience:

The student will gain excellent communication and project management core skills. Communication will be interpersonal with a diverse group of guests, program participants, staff, and other stakeholders as well as written via email. The student will be involved in all aspects of project management with our summer programs. Specific skills include: working with a budget, making critical decisions, problem solving, meeting deadlines, and evaluating programs. Students will also be supported and encouraged to build a professional network during their internship interactions. Additionally, the student will have the opportunity to learn more about the nature world, animal care, and environmental studies content through research and experiential learning. Students will have the opportunity and will be supported and encouraged to build a professional network during their internship interactions.

Suggested College Majors:

College Majors: education, environmental studies, animal sciences, conservation, business management, communication, non profit management, organizational development

Career Interests: environmental and education focused fields-museums, educations centers, zoos, nature centers, non profit organizations, youth development programs

Additionally, those interested in small business management or entrepreneurship would find this role useful.

Applicant Requirements:

The intern in this role must be able to interact with children in a joyful, enthusiastic and patient manner while staying engaged and interactive during programs. Although there is some behind the scenes, independent work, the intern must be interested in working with a team and/or partner a significant amount of the work time.