Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Hospital for Special Care

Title: Community Relations Coordinator
Location: New Britain
Dates: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm between May 1 and August 31, 2021. Dates are flexible and will be confirmed once the intern is selected.
Hours: The Intern will work thirty-five hours a week. If the intern is willing to participate in evening or weekend events/activities, work hours will be adjusted as necessary and mutually agreed upon in advance.

Job Description: 

The Robert T. Kenney Scholar will support community relations efforts coordinated by or in collaboration with Hospital for Special Care’s adaptive sports and volunteer services programs, external relations unit and the HFSC Foundation.  The intern selected will have an opportunity to explore a broad range of non-clinical careers in a health care setting,  and learn how different areas of the organization engage key stakeholders to advance the non-profit mission. 

Essential functions:
1)    Assists with planning and execution of community relations activities and events, (live and virtual) to maintain visibility with all HFSC stakeholders, including community program participants, volunteers, donors and others.
2)    Assists with planning and execution of community programming including adaptive sports activities, volunteer stewardship and patient activities.
3)    Assists with developing social media and website content celebrating HFSC’s community activities. 
4)    Assists with planning of HFSC special events including: 
a.    Fundraising events
b.    Arts events
c.    Business events
5)    Provides support to other department assistants when needed. 
6)    Internship requires work in hospital and community settings.  

COVID Accommodations: 

Hospital for Special Care has extensive infectious disease prevention and control policies and practices in place for all staff, patients, students and volunteers.  The infectious disease prevention protocols in place at HFSC have been designed or approved by clinical experts in infectious disease control and prevention.  The Robert T. Kenney Scholar selected to intern at HFSC will receive comprehensive education and training  in all appropriate procedures in place at the time of the internship.  This will include masking, hand washing, temperature screening, social distancing, required quarantines and other practices.  As a volunteer in a health care setting, the intern will be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

Important note:  All HFSC employees, students and volunteers (and all health care workers) are currently subject to more extensive quarantine requirements if living with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 or if traveling out of state than the general population.  These requirements are anticipated to change in the coming months, however it is possible that an intern’s start date if returning from school out of state, or vacation travel plans may require additional planning.

Career Experience: 

The Robert T. Kenney Scholars Summer Intern will experience working with a multidisciplinary team that manages community relations through diverse strategies in a unique healthcare institution with in a rapidly changing environment.  An internship with HFSC will provide relevant and meaningful work experience to include in a resume as well as professional references and networking contacts. 

Suggested College Major: 

Health and Human Services including Therapeutic Recreation, Marketing, or Communications

Applicant Requirements: 

Intern must be able to comply with all safety and personal protective equipment requirements in place at the time of placement.  This will include wearing a cloth or surgical face mask depending on activities, goggles or face shield when appropriate, frequent hand sanitization, social distancing and other requirements that may be in place. The internship will require non-clinical work in both the hospital and community environments.