Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Consolidated School District of New Britain

Title: Summer Learning Experiences (SLE) Intern
Location: New Britain
Dates: 7/12 - 8/13. The SLE Summer Intern will be working within the different school buildings throughout the 5 weeks to provide the intern with as much exposure and experience in working with students in grades K-5 and learning the ongoing operational process of the SEE program.
Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 am - 3p m

Job Description: 

The SLE Summer Intern will work alongside the Summer Learning Experiences (SLE) Leadership Team to provide support to families of students participating in the Summer Enrichment Experiences (SEE) Program as well as assist the SEE Lead Teachers with any tasks correlated to student curriculum. The intern will also assist in the daily operation of the SLE program. He/she will be placed at CSDNB’s Gates Building, however will be involved in working in the multiple schools (RELC, Smalley, Lincoln) where SEE programming will take place. In order to ensure proper protocols are followed during COVID, the intern will not be exposed to more than one school building on any given day. 

Duties will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Compile and input daily attendance for all summer participants
  • Assist with ongoing communication with parents/caregivers 
  • Collaborate with community based organizations in the supervision of enrichment activities 
  • Assist with student supervision during lunch breaks
  • Assist with Showcase planning/ planning and creating of family invitations/ word processing 
  • Assist Summer Lead Staff in a variety of educational and recreational activities
  • Attend mandatory training sessions and staff meetings
  • General clerical duties including: photocopying, faxing, filing, phone calls, message taking, data entry, and sending information over email.

COVID Accommodations: 

The intern will work in a designated location at the Gates Building with access to proper sanitation and cleaning supplies.  When visiting a SEE site location, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap is available throughout all CSDNB buildings.  The intern will receive training in school protocols and procedures including first aid, mandated reporting, and emergency fire and lock-down procedures.  Communication with families will be limited to attendance checks and any unusual interactions will be reported to the Lead Teacher or Assistant Coordinator of STEAM/Summer Learning immediately.  The intern will have a supervisor who is easily accessible at all times.

The intern will be given access to the building he/she will be working in and will be required to sign in at the front desk in the main office if in a school building, or at the reception area in the gates building for contact tracing purposes. A face mask will be required at all times and social distancing protocols will be heavily enforced throughout the entire program.  Setting and adhering to CSDNB’s  mitigation strategies (masks, distancing, cleaning and hygiene, ventilation, cohorting, etc.) will ensure the safety of all staff and students in SLE.

Career Experience: 

The student will gain strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as valuable educational work experience working within CSDNB. Due to the day to day responsibilities, the intern will be exposed to an array of skills such as coordination, organization, and team support. The student will benefit from gaining knowledge on the educational work correlated with district and summer programming and in return will be able to use these experiences within their own career choice enhancing their qualifications. 

Suggested College Major: 

College majors: education, sports/recreation, public relations/communications
Career goals: program development, enrichment opportunities, teaming

Applicant Requirements: 

The CSDNB SLE Leadership team would like the intern to have the following skills:

  • Thorough knowledge on Microsoft Office/G-Suite (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meets)
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-directed 
  • Bilingual preferred