Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Children's Law Center of Connecticut

Title: Outcomes Measurement Coordinator
Location: Hartford
Dates: Target start date any time after the close of the spring 2019 academic semester.
Hours: Flexible within our regular office hours for 35 hours per week. Arranged individually around the availability of the professional staff and availability of workstations.

Job Description: 

The intern will assist with the implementation of its outcome measurement systems, documenting the efficacy of the Children’s Law Line service. The Children’s Law Line is a legal help-line providing information and referrals on topics related to family law and children’s rights. In 2018, the Law Line received a total of 1,043 calls regarding 1,495 children. 

To measure the effectiveness of the Law Line, the organization contacts callers who have used the service.  The callers are asked a brief series of questions designed to provide feedback regarding their level of satisfaction with the service and the assistance they’ve received. The intern will be fully trained and will be utilizing an established protocol when making phone calls. Interns need not be familiar with family law and will not be expected to dispense legal information to those persons with whom they speak. There will be ample opportunity to learn more about these topics during the course of the internship.   

At the end of the research period, the intern will assist in compiling data and will produce a final outcome report of his or her findings, which ultimately will be used to provide data for future grants and programs that require statistical information regarding the Law Line.  The report also will help measure the success of the service, indicate areas of improvement, and provide overall assessment of the program.  

Though the primary program to be evaluated is the Law Line, some time will be spent measuring outcomes for the Legal Representation program, as well.  The Legal Representation Program provides court-appointed legal advocates for impoverished children in family court. Provided the intern stays up to date on assigned projects, the organization will offer other opportunities to immerse him or her in the work of the Children’s Law Center, including observing trials, “shadowing” attorneys and assisting with development or public relations projects.

Career Experience: 

Hands on experience for those who want to pursue a career in social work, law, children’s issues, advocacy and/or non-profits. Learn how to provide data for future grants and programs regarding the Law Line. Ability to review case files, interact with staff attorneys and tracking actions taken by the attorneys on behalf of their child clients.

Suggested College Major:

This is an ideal hands-on opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers related to law, social work, children’s issues, advocacy and/or non-profits.

Applicant Requirements: 

Interns should have an interest in the project, be reliable and well organized, and have basic computer skills 
(including the MS Office Suite). Confidentiality is required.