Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Central Connecticut State University

Title: STEM Intern Supporting Workforce & Economic Development
Location: New Britain
Dates: Flexible - 9 weeks total
Hours: Hours can be flexible. 35 hour work week.

Job Description: 

The Intern will be engaged in three core areas: ITBD, TRiO, Community Engagement and Continuing Education. The intern will receive a broad exposure to different levels of community engagement, programmatics, STEM skill and career development. 

The intern will work with the Young Engineers Program for rising 8th, 9th, and 10th graders from New Britain Schools. This program exposes youth to areas of engineering, mechatronics, robotics, additive manufacturing (3D printing), open source coding and research (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights). The program has served 15- 20 students annually. The CCSU TRiO program has been engaged with recruitment and supervision most recently.

A new initiative working with CCSU’s Academic Affairs, School of Engineering, Science and Technology faculty ITBD intends to transition some of the New Britain High School rising 10th, 11th or 12th grade students into a Summer Institute that will offer University credits (3), in a two week University level course in Robotics or Manufacturing. The program will continue to draw students from the NB B’s&G’s Club, YWCA, NB YMCA and the Bristol B’s&G’s Club. This will be a STEM program addressing college readiness and workforce & economic development. The program will expose students to a holistic approach to learning and college/career readiness balancing the theoretical and applied learning in appreciation with respect toward future workforce needs.

The intern will also assist with the “Tech it Out” program. This statewide STEAM program offers youth participants the opportunity to explore App Development, Coding/Programming. Robotics, Broadcasting, Arabic/Chinese Languages, Graphic Design and Electronic Music production. These are rotating week long programs held on both campuses. They will be supporting the Summer Institute initiative by recruiting from communities outside New Britain that have been underserved in the past.

Specific responsibilities include: 
- Coordinate specific program activities with University Administrators, Faculty and leaders in the community.
- Assist with developing organization materials, communications, recruitment, attendance, fiscal awareness, supervision, elements of student case management, visiting community sites related to program delivery and report writing.
- The intern will be engaged with attending to sites on the main and downtown campuses and may connect with community agencies, non-profits and the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce and industry site visits related to the workforce theme.

Career Experience: 

During this engagement the student will be exposed to the various levels of socio and economic parameters of the people we serve at CCSU. They will be exposed to tracking the many measures and reporting details required in program including fiscal and project management. The student will gain an appreciation for the daily challenges recipients of our programs face and share in the enlightenment and success achieved in acquiring new skills. This internship will allow the student to make a personal assessment of their readiness and interest in pursuing aspects of their career goals that may be related to the STEM topics covered and the needs of the urban center.

Suggested College Major: 

Any major.

Applicant Requirements: 

The intern will ideally be a CCSU student.