Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Bridge to Success

Title: BTS Early Childhood Research Intern
Location: Waterbury
Dates: 5 days a week
Hours: 35-hour work week, 7.5 hours a day

The intern will be responsible for creating a short report on the Quality Connections in Early Care in Waterbury. This is a follow up to the 2016 study conducted by Data Haven on Childcare Enrollment and Accessibility in Waterbury. The 2016 report provided a quantitative overview of childcare enrollment but lacked the detail and quality of the childcare providers. The report that the intern and BTS’ manager of data and operations will work on will go more to depth and will examine the quality of the care provided, relationships between families and early childhood providers, and the quality of these relationships.


The intern will collect data from a sample of Waterbury’s early care providers, directors, and parents. The organization will coordinate the data collection and will set up dates and times for data collection prior to the intern arriving. On a scheduled day the intern and BTS manager of data and operations will visit several daycare and Head Start organizations to interview staff, directors, and to drop of surveys for parents.


Once provider data is collected, the intern will enter and clean the data under supervision. The intern is expected to conduct a basic literature review on the impact of quality care, based on which he/she will write an outline for a report. Data analysis will be in collaboration with BTS’ manager of data and operations. The extent of the analysis will be based on the level of experience and comfort of the intern as well as on time available.


Career Experience:

Student will learn the importance of data and research in providing quality care, data-driven decision-making processes, and the importance of collective impact. Practically, students will learn how to use the basics of Google Docs forms and of Excel (data entry and data analysis).


Suggested College Major:

Any major