Summer Internships for Current Scholars

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Title: Early Childhood Research Intern
Location: Waterbury
Dates: Dates can be flexible. Suggested start date is June 4 to August 10
Hours: Hours can be flexible. 35 hour work week, 7.5 hours per day (including a 30 min lunch)

Job Description: 

The intern will be responsible for creating an updated report on Quality Connections in Early Care in Waterbury. This product will be a follow up to the 2016 study conducted by Data Haven on Childcare Enrollment and Accessibility in Waterbury. The 2016 report provided a quantitative overview of childcare enrollment but lacked the detail and quality of the childcare providers. In 2018, with the support of a Robert T Kenney summer intern, BTS began surveying the family childcare centers in Waterbury. We hope to continue this work with the Spanish speaking family child care centers as well as larger childcare centers in our city. 

We are looking for an intern, ideally Spanish speaking, we can collect data (using the Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality (FPTRQ form) from a sample of Waterbury’s family and larger childcare centers. The organization (BTS) will coordinate the data collection. Once provider data is collected, the intern will enter and clean the data under supervision. The intern is expected to conduct a basic literature review on the impact of quality care, based on which he/she will write an outline for a report. 

Data analysis will be in collaboration with BTS’ director of research and development. The extent of the analysis will be based on the level of experience and comfort of the intern as well as on time available. The goal is to complete analysis after 6 weeks, leaving another two weeks to write the report. The remaining week of the internship will be used to present the report to the early care providers.

Career Experience: 

Student will learn the importance of data and research in providing quality care. Students will learn about data-driven decision-making processes. Students will learn about the importance of collective impact. Practically, students will learn how the basics of Google Docs forms and of Excel (data entry and data analysis). Moreover, because BTS is a relatively small organization, students will also have the opportunity to learn about the daily operations. Depending on the talent of the particular student, there are also opportunities to learn multiple leadership skills, such as: facilitation, policy development, report writing, and public relationships.

Suggested College Major: 

Because we are cross-sector partnership that focuses on collective impact, many different college majors or career goals could be a good fit to this position, specifically early childhood, philanthropy, social work, teaching, business, research, sociology, psychology, philosophy, etc.

Applicant Requirements: 

Ideally we are looking for a Spanish speaking intern.