Summer Internships for Current Scholars

YWCA of New Britain

Title: Communications Intern
Location: New Britain
Dates: 6/3 - 8/5 - schedule is flexible
Hours: 35 hours per week, which can be flexible.

Job Description: 

The intern will work with the supervision of YWCA staff, to assist in the implementation of communications and related responsibilities. The intern will be involved with a comprehensive array of resources and tools to help increase and inform the public and members about YWCA programs and initiatives. This will occur through the planned development and execution of social media platforms, website, promotional materials, special events and community relations activities. 

A comprehensive plan will be established to address key social justice initiatives, along with appropriate communication channels and resources. Budgeting and financial planning will be incorporated into some of the projects and decision making. For example, the greatest audience reach via the most cost-effective method. 

Objectives include the following:

  • To provide comprehensive information and resources to diverse audiences, utilizing a range of communications resources (social media, website, print, email, etc.)
  • To achieve the identified organizational goals through the dissemination of information
  • To develop messaging promoting programs and services to specific audiences
  • To create public awareness of YWCA's mission
  • To provide a learning environment that incorporates skill development and the expansion of one's knowledge and experience.

Career Experience: 

The intern will have the opportunity to:

  • Create social media content, utilizing a number of platforms, determined by the desired audience and messaging.
  • Utilize social media analytics to gauge the success of messaging and the social media channels.
  • Identify and implement community outreach initiatives that align with YWCA's mission.
  • Assist with event planning and execution.
  • Facilitate effective communications with members, legislators, donors and prospective donors.
  • Develop messaging and initiatives that support YWCA's mission of "eliminating racism and empowering women."
  • Identify an intern-selected project or focal point for the summer internship that will enhance their learning experience.
  • Explore possible career opportunities and acquire professional contacts.
  • Assemble a work portfolio.

Suggested College Major: 

There are many majors or career goals that would be appropriate for this position.  The fields of study could include: Communications, Non-profit Management, Sociology/Social Justice, Media Arts, English/Writing, and Journalism.

Applicant Requirements: 

  • Knowledge of Windows operating system
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe products
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • A team player with a passion for empowering women and families in the New Britain community
  • Must have own transportation