Summer Internships for Current Scholars

Waterbury Youth Services

Title: JRB Pathway Coordinator
Location: Waterbury
Dates: 6/24 - 8/23, Schedule is flexible
Hours: Monday- Friday 9:30-5:30 with some flexibility

Job Description: 

Juvenile Review Boards (JRB’s) recommend and provide effective community-based solutions to divert youth from the Juvenile Justice System for misdemeanor offenses or at-risk behaviors being displayed at home or school that could result in an arrest or a referral to juvenile court. JRB’s also provide supports and services for youth and families to help them build necessary skills for ongoing success. Offenses may include misdemeanors, school rules violations, and non-violent felonies. Community based solutions can include counseling, mentoring, conflict resolution classes, substance abuse services, pro-social activities, tutoring assistance, therapy, letters of apology, or community service. JRBs address the underlying cause of a youth’s behavior and help him or her avoid future involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Waterbury Youth Services’ (WYS) JRB is comprised of a cohesive and dedicated group of knowledgeable and passionate community volunteers who have some experience in matters of child development, adolescent behavior, family dynamics, youth development, and/or juvenile laws and procedures. The JRB members work together to address the needs of the youth, families, and the community. Cases are referred to Waterbury Youth Services by City Police, Schools, Court, as well as other sources. Comments from past JRB participants on the strengths of WYS’ JRB are (1) "The biggest strength is how the people want you to succeed in anything you do, and they always have positive energy here to lift me up."(2)"The biggest strength of the JRB is that they help youth learn to take the right path and to be a more responsible person."

The JRB Pathway Coordinator will be an integral and important member of WYS’s Juvenile Justice Team and will work collaboratively with the JRB and WYS’ Juvenile Justice Team Leader.

Essential responsibilities and functions of this position include:

  • Provide community outreach, case management and support services to clients
  • Attend JRB panel meetings
  • Accountable for organizational responsibilities, including maintenance, facilitation and dissemination of reports
  • Maintain and collect data for outcome measurements (Truancy/CDBG data, JRB/ SDE spreadsheet, RED data, satisfaction surveys)
  • Assist with screening, retention, and supporting mentors matched with youth involved with Juvenile Justice programs
  • Assist in conducting intake and assessments
  • Work with Team Leader in maintaining regular and timely contact with appropriate agencies and organizations in the Waterbury Court District Catchment area including schools, probation, and police departments that may refer to WYS’ juvenile justice programs
  • Update and perform other related duties as assigned by his/her Supervisor as well as attend staff trainings and internal and external meetings as scheduled by the Supervisor
  • Adhere to agency policies and procedures.

Career Experience: 

The JRB Intern will acquire relevant and meaningful work experience significant to the work Waterbury Youth Services does in the Juvenile Justice area. This includes the following:

  • Hands on experience working with and learning about the Juvenile Justice System,  restorative practices, outcome measurements, intakes, and assessments
  • Working with children, families, and diverse populations
  • Writing cohesive, timely, detailed, and objective reports
  • Managing client caseloads
  • Gaining a working knowledge of the Waterbury Community and available resources as it applies to Juvenile Justice issues
  • Strengthening leadership, organizational, problem solving, and verbal/written communication skills

Suggested College Major: 

Relevant college majors include Social Work, Human Services, Criminal Justice,  Child /Youth Development, Family Dynamics, Law, and Psychology

Applicant Requirements: 

Must pass Department of Children and Families (DCF) Criminal background and CT State police checks, TB Test, & medical clearance to work. Bi-lingual English/Spanish preferred but not required.