25 Years of STRIVE

In 1996, one of American Savings Foundation’s very first grants was awarded to the YWCA New Britain’s STRIVE Program (Strength, Teamwork, Respect, Individuality, Vision, and Excellence).


Since 1991, STRIVE has helped middle school girls build academic skills, develop healthy habits, and avoid risky behaviors -- and most of all, have a place of their own, where they feel safe and have fun!

As some of the STRIVE girls grew up, they advocated for a new program for older teens to help them continue to succeed in High School. As a result, the House of Teens was established.

STRIVE and House of Teens are comprehensive programs that build resilience and self-assurance. The program offers a variety of academic and recreational elements that integrate language arts, STEM, and health and wellness. Certified teachers provide homework assistance and help run the program alongside YWCA staff. CCSU students serve as mentors, help with goal setting, and provide campus tours.

Feedback from teachers report that 80% of participants showed improved homework and classwork, 90% showed improved behavior, and 100% were more attentive and motivated in school.

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Stories of Success

In 2014, the YWCA launched Summer STRIVE, an enrichment opportunity to help girls prepare as they enter middle school (6th grade). In 2021, the entire first class of Summer Strive participants graduated from New Britain High School.
Congratulations to:
Kailyn Pierce, Zanett Rosado, Jonnay Cooper, Alondra Ayala,
Angeleek Pusey. Jaden Wilkins, Tatiana Ortiz, Desire Perez,
Norma Alvarado, Kayle Rowe, Leyla Viruet, Eternity Evans

American Savings Foundation has supported STRIVE for 25 years, the summer bridge program since it launched in 2014, and the House of Teens since 2017.